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Professional Tennis Court Services has been building new asphalt tennis courts for 30+ years. Though Post Tension concrete will last longer, asphalt makes for the best base material of any other hard court material on the market. It does not have the same negative long term effects on the body that you get with the denser concrete finish.

Hard courts, unlike clay or Har-Tru courts, can be customized to the customers preferred color(s) and speed. Additional games can be lined on the court surface, such as volleyball, basketball, etc. Both asphalt and concrete type of courts can be tailored to have the same amenities, the only difference is in their core construction.

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Asphalt Court Construction Process

Once you’ve chosen your materials, colors, and cushioning options, constructing your asphalt tennis court is a multifaceted process. We will evaluate underlying soil conditions, the slope of the installation site, and determine the best way to ensure proper drainage. Then we will inquire whether you plan to have heavy equipment on the court and anytime and ask about what type of coatings you desire.

After the asphalt base in installed, it will cure for 30 days before beginning the color coating processes. The court is flooded to reveal any areas where ponding may occur on the surface and a patch binder is applied to resolve those problems spots. Then, two to four coats of acrylic resurfacing materials and color are applied along with the tennis court playing lines and markers. After the curing process is complete, your courts will be ready for play!

3 Reasons Why Asphalt Pavement for Tennis Courts is Superior

  1. Resiliency: Asphalt surfaces, especially porous asphalt tennis courts, are highly resilient and are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. In fact, many homeowners and recreation centers allow their asphalt hard courts to be used for other sports like racquetball practice and basketball games. Porous asphalt pavement for tennis courts can transform your business and your game, as it can stand up to even the harshest elements and climates.
  2. Low Maintenance: Choosing asphalt as the base of your tennis court is sure to bring you and your guests or residents years of playing enjoyment. Not only is this surface highly resilient to the elements and extensive use, but these surfaces are also very low maintenance. Beyond weekly sweepings and an annual pressure washing, your asphalt tennis court will typically only require a resurfacing every five years. Selecting asphalt for your tennis court installation allows you to spend less time on maintenance and more time focusing on your back swing.
  3. Several Customization Options: Asphalt pavement for tennis courts is considered the supreme choice due to its ability to be customized in a number of ways. Color, speed, and whether or not you want a cushioned surface – all decisions that you’ll have when you choose asphalt tennis court surfacing.

Asphalt offers the benefit of adding color to your court, and the most popular tennis court surfacing request we receive is the eye-catching blue and green design used at the New York US Open. However, with asphalt pavement for tennis courts an array of hues are possible. Contact us today and schedule a free court consultation!

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