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Professional Tennis Court Services is your #1 resource for court nets, windscreens, resurfacing supplies, practice equipment, and accessories in South Florida. We've got it all from tennis court nets & posts, tennis ball baskets & ball machines, storage and pick-ups, windscreens, backboards, and more. It is our mission to provide you with a large variety of easily accessible, premium tennis court supplies that your court requires for a great game.

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Having a tennis court windscreen provides the perfect solution to this extraordinarily frustrating issue. Adding windscreens to your court’s perimeter provides tremendous wind reduction, privacy, and will improve your court’s overall aesthetic.


Owning a tennis backboard wall on your court allows you to practice at any time you desire. The greatest advantage of installing it is that you can work on your tennis game practice drills alone, so it makes absolutely no difference if your current tennis partner can’t meet up with you. A tennis backboard can also attract more tennis players to your facility, as your tennis court can accommodate any solo players.

Sound Blocking

One major issue with the game of Tennis or pickleball is the noise level generated from the paddle connecting with the ball.  This impact sound can be extraordinarily loud, and can be a major noise problem for those who live in surrounding areas. Having a solid sound blocking feature is important if you have neighbors near by!

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