Har-Tru Court Maintenance Services in South Florida

Serving Palm Beach, Martin and St Lucie County

Maintaining your Har-Tru Tennis court or sports court in South Florida is one of the most important things you can do to preserve the longevity of its appearance. Let PTCS of Florida handle it for you!

The hot and rainy climate can wreak havoc on your court if not properly maintained. Like changing the oil in your car, properly cleaning and inspecting your court once a year is very critical. To maximize the useful life of any type of court, we recommend that owners develop and implement a regular schedule of maintenance. Tennis court resurfacing, restoration and maintenance are specialties of Professional Tennis Court Services and mainstays of our business. Season after season, we help our South Florida clients keep their Har-Tru courts in optimal playing condition!

Laser Grading Har Tru Tennis Courts - Professional Tennis Court Services- Boynton Beach FL

Annual Har-Tru Court Maintenance:

Each year PTCS maintains hundreds of Har-Tru courts and Hydrocourts for another sunny South Florida season of play. Annual maintenance is typically performed in the spring and includes the following:

  • Compacting the court base, cleaning the surface, applying new top-dressing materials and installing play lines.
  • Removing loose surface granules and debris such as leaves and moss, then using a heavy-duty roller to compact the remaining material and correcting any low spots as we work.
  • Each court receives two tons of new Har-Tru, which restores the desired playability characteristics to the court.
  • Playing lines are then installed followed by a final application of Har-Tru, which is spread onto the surface and thoroughly brushed before nets and center straps are installed.

To further assist our clients in South Florida, PTCS can create a custom maintenance plan for each facility. We also make ourselves available for continuing touch-up maintenance throughout the playing season. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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